A guide to healthy eating at Au Bon Pain.
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that are nutritious as well delicious.

Portion Size Control

...The secret behind great health...

Food and health are inseparably connected, and it is only natural for many people to try to eat healthy and control amount of the food they eat. The quality and quantity of food should provide necessary nutrients and energy needs that correspond to age, gender, energy needs, and lifestyle to each individual.

For children who are still growing, the food should contained balanced nutrients that would help them grow as well providing enough energy for their active physical activities. Example of these foods are rice, egg, milk, bean, meat, fruits and vegetable.

As for adults, although their body no longer needs to allocate much of the energy to support rapid growth in physical and mental development that characterizes the early childhood to adolescence, but good nutrition is still very important. Good nutrition is essential for body's regeneration and repair, and adults should consume food that contains vital nutrition and at the same time provides enough energy for daily needs.

It is recommended that an average adult consume more vegetable and fruits and reduce intakes of sugar and saturated fat along with regular exercise.

The food we eat each day contains wide variety of nutrients in different amounts, thus giving us different levels of energy. To properly control our food intake, we must determine how many kilocalories of energy we need each day.

We should determine what kind of food and in what amount can give us energy for our daily need. With this information in mind, we can plan our meals and energy requirements ahead of time and enjoy great health…and a great body.